Where is Flash when we need him ?

March 22, 2019

Robots out of the box….

March 13, 2019


EYEE Step 7 – Finance

March 13, 2019
another great day with the students and more

EYEE Step 7 – Finance

March 13, 2019

Fun fun fun ding

March 9, 2019

I arrived home and said I wrote in a plan


to Fun Fun Funding…..

and was told I had stolen the words from the BB

here we go


Its all for you …

March 9, 2019

playing now at my “office”


“hope is a dangerous
thing for a woman like
me to have – but i have it”

sweet comments:-

i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: lana del rey could write a song about her taco bell order and i would probably cry
Claudia R.R
I think i’m missing something i’ve never had
this song makes me feel so nostalgic for no reason
Michelle Sithole
Played this song at my goldfish’s funeral.

compliments to the chef, and the haus

March 5, 2019

If you get served a delicious meal at home, you normally compliment the chef, right ?

Well today I had an awesome feast at my “second home” Aux Gazelles, and I am delighted to compliment the haus for it!

I had warm soup, and cold starters , both delicious. cold bread to go with. and a beer.

Then the main course with chicken and red meat and vegetables and cous cous…. I took my time a bit more now. The tastes were delifghtful.

Now the surprise. I like my food. This was an all you can eat meal, and I usually like to eat all I can eat. ( I am on a see food diet you see, I see food, I eat it ) Today, I stopped at this point. I didnt want to  spoil the tastes sensation in my mouth with another portion. So I kind of well, exerrcised restraint, and stopped. Happilly.

I paused.

I packed up.

I went to pay my bill, and managed a little chocolate cake as dessert on the way out.

Thank you all…

Very much

“I’m an artist. Gardening is my graffiti. “

March 5, 2019


Passion underpinning Happiness

March 4, 2019

In First Tuesday days I met lots of People with Passion, and realised later that it underpins Happiness

After announcing myself as a Passion Coach in 2003, starting Women with Passion in 2004 and People with Passion ” Vienna Hub in 2005, the latest “Happy Moment” is coming to fruition…

Women with Passion / Happiness ART installation, building my “portfolio” to apply for a Masters in Social Design at the Uni here, with my social design goal being ” to spread happiness” through art placements, projects and more…


“Dear pm,”

March 2, 2019
“Dear pm,”
As the UK moves on beyond Brexit, I  would love to see a strategy for happiness as against one for loneliness
and a Minister for Happiness, as against one for loneliness
with International Day for Happiness approaching the timing could be great.
super resources available for
Individuals – Mr HappyTen Keys to Happier Living,  Happiness Works!
companies – The Happy ManifestoHappy Workplaces Conference,
cities – The Happy CityHappy CitiesKent Happiness Project 
 I would happily support the role at a European or local level level, from a Base in Happyland near Vienna
in happiness
nigel  – ” mr happy vienna”
Vienna Happiness Project